Valeocon Podcast 更新しました: エピソード #10 Chris Gish – Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

今回のpodcastは、製薬業界で25年超のキャリアを持つセールスエグゼクティブ、 Chris Gish をゲストにお迎えし、顧客とのMRのエンゲージメント、営業戦略、組織的協働など、セールスを最大限に生かすための戦略をバレオコンのディレクター、Marjorie Dervenがインタビューしました。 Chris Gish, a senior sales executive with more than 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, talks about the importance of rep engagement, selling strategy, and organizational alignment against customer touchpoint to maximize the effectiveness of the sales force. “I was delighted to talk with Marjorie Derven from Valeocon recently about one of my passions – sales force effectiveness in pharmaceuticals. Its a short listen (about 10 minutes) and I hope you find a pearl! Thanks to Marjorie and the team at Valeocon for hosting me!” Check out the full #CommercialExcellenceinPharma podcast series on iTunes – or on SoundCloud – #pharma #commercialexcellence #SFE #salesforceeffectiveness